do you know who we are?

We are proudly IGBOs. A higly talented people and vectors of development and progress in any enabling environment. We never go unnoticed as we don’t do things halfway. We live our life to the fullest because we belive that you only live once. We hate poverty and respect opulence and good time… 

Membership of IWAF is open to all Igbos and all persons of Igbo descent, living in France. Members generally register together with their family. As its name indicates, the association is meant to cater to the welfare of Igbos in France. This includes assisting them to integrate into French society and to tackle the administrative hurdles inherent in living in a foreign land.

In case of “bad event” like a member losing a parent back home, the association rallies around them and supports them financially so they can immediately travel home to do the needful. The association also organises a wake-keeping night to support such a person morally. 

IWAF is also a forum for promoting and learning the Igbo language and culture. Meetings are usually held in Igbo, but those who for one reason or another are not fluent in the language may speak in English or French. Young members also learn Igbo practices and sensitive aspects of Igbo culture such as breaking kola nuts.

When a child is born, this is generally considered as a “good event”. In this case, the association organises “Ile Omugwo”: a day is set out for association members to go and welcome the new born (and new member of the Igbo community in France). This is generally a day of meriments and a fat envelop is given to the mother.

The association also organises Igbo classes for children born in France, as well as annual events such as the New Yam Festivals, etc. IWAF’s general meetings are held once a month, on the third Sunday of each month. Members take turns to organise the meetings in a municipal hall.